We leverage the power of our people to find and expose what automated tools can’t find. Then, we give you actionable insights to help protect what matters most and work directly with your teams to develop a forward-looking bespoke plan to help future proof your security posture and strengthen your resiliency.
Anvil Services - Highly Specialized
Highly Specialized

Our experts have looked at everything from reverse engineering semiconductors to extracting firmware over JTAG. We have worked on Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), security program introduction, training assistance a wide range of code auditing and penetration testing services. Our depth and breadth of global security experience, working to help secure some of the world’s largest companies, allows us to give you highly specialized services, tailored to you.

Anvil Services - Apps & Embedded
Apps & Embedded

Data is the oil of the internet. It has become one of planet’s biggest assets in addressing global challenges. When you consider the projections that 41.6 billion connected IoT devices will generate 79.4 zettabytes of data in 2025, those assets become targets.

Our understanding in what to look for when it comes to both the everyday devices that give us access data and networks that make our lives easier, to the embedded technologies that control critical infrastructure systems, is essential to uncovering and circumventing cyber risks.

Anvil Services - Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing

It’s not just about finding the weaknesses, penetration testing also helps identify your strengths. We offer a wide range of services, including code auditing, white, grey and black box penetration testing, as well as fuzzing, reverse engineering, protocol analysis, and beyond.

Our bespoke approach is more than just our commitment to a personalized plan, it’s a partnership.

“When you’ve seen fish tanks take down casinos, food distribution disrupted, and hospitals unable to help their patients, you know you want to do everything to help an organization secure where they may be most vulnerable.”

– Jerel Culliss, Director of Engineering

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