Anvil Ventures Q1 2017

By Chris Elbring
Anvil Ventures Q1 2017

We have completed our first three (3) months of business. We have customers!!!! OK. We donโ€™t have lots of customers but we have turned down more business than we have accepted. We are sticking to our guns on working with interesting technology on projects that have a real security impact. In addition to paying customers, we have recently completed work to become approved as a vendor for two of the largest and most exciting technology companies in high tech and they are right here in the Seattle area. Convenient, right?

"We want to take an opportunity to thank these industry leaders for trusting a small startup infosec consulting firm with some of their most important projects. It feels good to know that we will be able to work with these firms in helping them solve interesting technical problems pertaining to the security of their products and services. If they trust us enough to expedite and handhold us through the process, that must mean we have done something well at some point."

"In other news, Vincent Berg, Partner at Anvil Ventures, completed a training given by Dr. Dmitry Nedospasov (@nedos) in late April in Berlin. Thank you Nedos. He was excited to get exposure to some new things and hang out with a lot of folks he had not seen in a while. Berlin is an amazing city full of some great people.

As we are squarely in May now it seems, we are busy lining up more projects and letting people know we are here and ready to take on even more projects. Our new website and blog will be published soon so stay tuned if that is something interesting to you.

If you have a project you would like to discuss or just want to learn more about Anvil, feel free to ping me directly.

About the Author

Chris Elbring is Managing Partner and CEO of Anvil Secure. Prior to founding Anvil, Elbring worked as CEO and CTO of a startup security software development firm, President of a boutique, regional security consulting firm, an independent technology and security consultant, Director of Software Development of a mobile, biometric firm and most recently as Senior Vice President of Research and Delivery at IOActive, Inc.


awstracer - An Anvil CLI utility that will allow you to trace and replay AWS commands.

awssig - Anvil Secure's Burp extension for signing AWS requests with SigV4.

dawgmon - Dawg the hallway monitor: monitor operating system changes and analyze introduced attack surface when installing software. See the introductory blogpost

nanopb-decompiler - Our nanopb-decompiler is an IDA python script that can recreate .proto files from binaries compiled with 0.3.x, and 0.4.x versions of nanopb. See the introductory blogpost

ulexecve - A tool to execute ELF binaries on Linux directly from userland. See the introductory blogpost

usb-racer - A tool for pentesting TOCTOU issues with USB storage devices.

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