Anvil Ventures Announces Vincent Berg Appointed as First Partner

By Chris Elbring
Anvil Ventures Announces Vincent Berg Appointed as First Partner

Anvil Ventures, a boutique information security consulting partnership, announced today that Vincent Berg has been named the company's first full Partner, effective immediately.

"I am honored to take on the role at Anvil," said Berg. "I see this as a great opportunity to be an early Partner in a partnership well suited to become a leader in the elite information security space."

"Anvil is a relatively young firm and needed to bring a Partner of Vincent’s caliber on board to help us continue expanding our capacity and focusing on the best quality services possible” said Chris Elbring, Managing Partner at Anvil Ventures. “I have worked with Vincent in the past and know that he will be a huge asset to Anvil as we grow further. Anvil was founded to bring the highest quality information security consulting services to the hardest technical problems we can find while providing a model that we believe fosters an unflagging commitment to our customers’ success.”

For more information on Anvil Ventures, contact us or to download the announcement see

About the Author

Chris Elbring is Managing Partner and CEO of Anvil Secure. Prior to founding Anvil, Elbring worked as CEO and CTO of a startup security software development firm, President of a boutique, regional security consulting firm, an independent technology and security consultant, Director of Software Development of a mobile, biometric firm and most recently as Senior Vice President of Research and Delivery at IOActive, Inc.


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